Two Poems

Both are from section IV of Lightgnawn (Wild Goat Press, 2018).



For John Woolman


Dark liturgies

of tranquilicide reign


as red the Christspawned Mother

deepens the flow of absence


until One enters



to tell


as cloven history, aswarm with clay,

greyens Godward


and griefsnakes rattle in mercy.



Time’s self out-realed

in feasts of ashen

where beyondstayed


wriggle in cross-silk

skin, and motions of Truth

lust-silent, purge the deathdrips

of state

and stains usurp

the robe’s killing floor.


Remnants sound a new liturgy.


Lightdead hollows

of abeyant lives

mired in cruelty


Christ-squall dawns.



Gnawn light parts

gaping darkflesh still



true Presence

mindthorn dissolved


made new –




Christ conducts

the eyesilence of Light


and bodies

are Lambpsalms

formed of incense


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