The following poems were written during a trip to Texas. Both, after returning to the Isle of Wight, found a home in Harbinger Asylum poetry magazine, based in Houston, TX.



The withered top of Carmel
survives another flood

the shepherds cleave to rosary skies
hurled for Goliath’s repose

Amos your voice on the wind
travels for generations
provoked by mourning pastures

the dream cut with shards
from the Calvinist glass

a feasting robe denuded of skin
the seekers go astray

ash reclaiming its nothing
layers reliving their exile
launched with a tempest in the day of the whirlwind

sing, covenant of remembrance
sing, covenant of brotherhood

as fires devour the ribs of their living
this is your connivance with capital

Amos your voice on the wind
travels for generations
provoked by the mourning pastures

I keep in mind the cenobites
who watered seeds of wilderness

in a land plagued by “knowing”
as carts full of word-sheaves

weigh heavily on the broken string of affliction
as another empire’s language
creeps under the door.



Rachel has not gathered your tears, Boris
and you will have to answer to many broken lives

Rachel is out gathering tears, Donald
and the children of Amos hear shepherds weep.

The empire hews its stone, monstrance or sepulchre,
denying the faces of God.

Rachel has this to say to you:
only rivers of justice run free

and she merges skilled prudence with mercy
a child’s melody calling from the hills

we will reign
we are Reign
past the day of your lords

woe to those at ease in Zion
the monk-shepherds blessing
ringing out from Quarr.

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