Questions for the Whites

How many white people really know?
How many white people really care?
Are they a small part of a larger mosaic?
Why have they gone for the jugular of diverse colours and tongues?
Do they hold nothing sacred but money and private property?
Why do they think only whites have made music, art, and literature?
Why do their children believe them? Praised be the ones that don’t!
Why do they gaze in the mirror of genocide, liking what they see?
Why have they used a middle-eastern Jew to justify criminal forms of whiteness?
Have few understood the values of Jesus? Have even fewer practiced them?
Do sacred intimations shine through to everyone?
Why have they not outgrown blood-sacrifice?
Why do they demand it only when blood doesn’t run white?
Why have they gored sundown-flowers with ink, ink of black lilies
denied tonight?
Why do they seek a refuge in pallid contempt for life?
Why do I hear a posh Englishwoman using the multi-ethnic Roman Empire as an excuse for postmodern white supremacy?
Why did Elizabethan Englishmen call their rage and contempt civilising?
Why did the Dutch carry more than thirty-one thousand Africans to New Holland for their lucrative labour in the sugar plantations? Why did the Dutch prostration before profits, and the English addiction of dehumanising via systems, devour so many?
Why did north European culture associate blackness with sinister treachery?
Why won’t Catholics take off their colonial robes?
Why did Protestants leave untouched the bone-structures of medieval fascisms?
Why did Puritans think the God of Christ a vicious white supremacist?
Why in 1541 was there only one surviving Guanche in the Canary Islands, permanently drunk?
Why did France nearly exterminate the Fox Indians, and why did they massacre two-thirds of Algeria’s natives?
Why was the wealth created in Bordeaux and Nantes, the grim wealth of slave-traders, the basis of bourgeois independence, the engine creating in the French Revolution?
Why did the US wage one of the bloodiest colonial wars against the Philippines?
Why do they build a walled garden with the skulls of Africa’s freedom?
Why did none of them question the slave trade before the eighteenth-century Quakers?
Why did they listen to Darwin when he theorised a white eclipse? And why did his “science” shrug its shoulders at genocide?
Why did they call the famine-riddled Irish nothing less than ‘white chimpanzees’?
Why did the Germans deploy genocide against the Herero people of south-west Africa? Why did they herd the battered remnants into concentration camps and reservations?
Why did they not learn from Gandhi when he said that Hitler was Britain’s sin?
Why in Australia did they say that Moorundie wasn’t inhabited, though the Ngayawang people have lived there for at least five thousand years?
Why does word processor not process their names?
Why in Tennant Creek are aborigines poisoned with alcohol?
Why did Spain ban the speech of one of the few pre Indo-European languages in Euskadi?
Why did the Scots fight for Anglo-Saxon ideology in India, Belfast, and Africa?
Are the Welsh aware of what their acquiescence has been used for?
Why does their education not teach them Toussaint and Baldwin?
Why did their feminists not weep for women in Bosnia?
Why do Catholic women agree to the false majesty of misogyny?
Instead of loving their neighbour, why do they garrotte them on borders drawn in sand?
Why do they not try to repair the damage done by their empires?
Why is hatred a strand in their DNA?

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